Lot Full Of Smart Cars

Can you guess how many Smart Cars can fit inside this parking lot? We're guessing a lot.
Villages Smartcar Outing Sept. 20

Reptile Smart Car

This purple custom-painted Smart Car is looking like a snake (literally, not figuratively) on the road!

Cabr10 Around Town

"Moo", Says the Smart Car

Is it a giant cow or a small car? You decide.


Smart Car Skull Ornament

That's one way to decorate your Smart Car interior and set up the kind of mood most passengers won't find so appealing.

Rearview Mirror Skulls And 12v Power Outlet

Painted Smart Car

Looks like this painted Smart Car is ready for the road! Nothing like looking extra cool in a fly top down Smart!

Painted Darwin Lip

Tropical Smart Car

This top down Smart Car is looking good beside these mobile homes on a sunny weather.
2005 450 Pulse And Moho

Smart Car Comparison

This bike is almost as big as this Smart Car, or should it be "This Smart Car is almost as small as this bike!"

Smart Comparison A